• Moca Creme Fino
    • Moca Creme
    • Golden Beach
    • Pirgos
    • Travertino Romano
    • Negro Absolute
    • Rosal
    • Moleanos
    • Gascoigne Bege
    • Gascoigne Blue
    • Ataíja Cream
    • Ataja Azul
    • Azul Valverde
    • Atlantic Blue
    • Alpinina
    • White Ibiza
    • Tiger Skin
    • White Marble
    • Volakas
    • Turkish Travertine
    • Negro Zimbabwe
    • Negro Angola
    • Matrix Bracka
    • Gris Amani
    • Limestone Persian
    • Bronze Amani
    • Sivec
    • Carrara
    • Breach Of Santo António
    • Moleanos Azul

Comment - Vitoria Stone Fair 2014



In last February, we scored presence, through our director, in Vitória Stone Fair, in Brasil, where we were once again well received by our customers and friends.

This presence has allowed us to better understand the current reality of the Brazilian market, where we feel a great reception by local businessmen to products sold by Sociror.

In 2015, strengthening the presence of Sociror in latin america market, we participate in the new edition of this event.