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Production and environment


We try to have our factory always cleaned and organized , respecting the safety and hygiene standards at work, prioritizing the best work conditions for our employees.

  • In the workplaces where the sound is more pronounced, there are acoustic insulation panels, in order to avoid its propagation.
  • The production of dust is nonexistent, since all the equipment needed for production works with water.
  • In addition, we choose to do the sawing at empty hours, using energy in a more economic and efficient way.



The environment is to Sociror one of the main matters that must be taken into account at the time of its production.

The factory's location, next to Montejunto's sierra, allows a privileged observation of its beauty during almost the entire year. This natural environment, at the "doorstep" of Sociror's facilities, reminds the brand, every day, of one of the realities that we all must protect - Nature.

As such, the company seeks to implement several actions that contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Water reutilization

The production is executed with the highest of cares regarding the environmental matter and looks to beneficiate, whenever possible, from the water derived from the region's pluviosity in an efficient way, reducing the water necessity from other external sources.

Sociror also has an own IRWTS for the water treatment and its later reutilization, whereby the chemical's utilization, namely flocculants, is minimal: only 5% of the usual used in the industry.

Materials reutilization

Sociror tries to give new usage to products that in our industry will no longer have exploitation.

As such, Sociror utilizes calcined limestone (a soil amendment) in order to proceed to the ph correction from agricultural lands through a liming process.

In addition, the comapny avails the waste derived from the process of sawing natural stone, to be utilized as a inert product, namely, crushed stone, gravel, stone powder and others.